Get basic information about VR and AR

Get basic information about VR and AR

People think that augmented reality UAE and the virtual reality in Dubai are the same but these are not the same and there is a great difference in both of these and you have to know about these differences especially when you are in need of having any of these. There are three different kinds which you need to know and here they are:

Virtual reality:

It is the best way of getting disconnected from the real world as it will take you in the virtual world and you will feel like having the real experience and like you are watching everything real. You will get some sort of head band or glasses and then you will take the experience of the new reality in there and this is usually used for the gaming experience and now educational sector is also using this to give the experience of reality to students when they cannot experience that in reality.

Augmented reality:

This is the type of reality in which you will take content in to the real world like you are having a phone and you take a picture of anything and then show it to others who cannot get to see those places in pictures because they are far away from their reach. You will get to see different things which are even not present in reality so they are the examples of augmented reality.

Mixed reality:

This is the type of reality where the real content will be combined with virtual or digital content. Like you are having a video call with your friend who is living in another corner of the world and you cannot go there to see them every day but you can video call them to see what they are doing and how they are living there. In this way their real content will be reached to you in a digital manner and same goes with your real content and people are using this every day.

All these kinds of realities are very much in use now a days and people are using them all the time and they are used to have this and they are like the need of the time. This is the need of time so people have to use that and in coming days they will be necessity of life.

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