Tips to help you score high on your IELTS test

Tips to help you score high on your IELTS test

The test of IELTS is not easy but if you have prepared well and keep some tips in your mind then surely your test of IELTS would go well.

This article will give tips for the test of IELTS of listening as well as the tips for the test of IELTS of speaking. So, if you are giving the test of IELTS, make sure to follow these tips.

What are the tips for the test of IELTS?

Following are the tips for the test of IELTS.

Tips for IELTS test of listening

  • The first thing you have to check is whether your headphone are working or not. If your headphones are not working, call someone.
  • When the time is given to you, make the most use of it and read the questions until the recording begins.
  • Once the recording begins, make sure to listen with attention to the recording and concentrate on the answers rather than trying to understand every part of the recording.
  • Note down the important points while you are listening.
  • There is a limit for every answer. Don’t go beyond that limit.
  • Once you have written the answers make sure to check if there is any grammatical mistake or spelling mistake.
  • Write your answers in capital letters.

Tips for IELTS test of speaking

  • Be confident. This is the first tips for IELTS test of speaking. If you have confidence you can easily do anything.
  • Try to be friendly. You are not giving any interview.
  • This is also an important tip. Learn proper English and know how to speak proper English.
  • You should give additional information with the answers that have been asked to you.
  • Your main focus should not be on the vocabulary.
  • Usage of good grammar is very important in your IELTS test.
  • Clothing should not be your main focus. You are not going to give an interview.
  • Don’t take a lot of pauses as this doesn’t give a good impression.

Good luck! We hope that you will ace your test of IELTS.

You can get yourself registered for IELTS preparation course as you would then be completely prepared to give the test.

Also, if you are a bit weak in English, then make sure to take English courses in Dubai as IELTS has to be given only in English.

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