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A vital missing link is the multifactorial essence of obesity. No single source of obesity occurs.

Do you induce obesity with calories? Yes!

Is the sugar responsible for obesity? Yes!

Does sleep guard us against obesity? Yes!

Is the resistance to insulin causing obesity? Yes!

Causes obesity to stress? Often, indeed.

The causes converge on a variety of hormonal pathways, contributing to increased weight.

Almost all human body disorders are multifactorial. Take into account cardiovascular disease. The development of cardiovascular disease all has an effect on family, age, sex, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and lack of exercise.

Obesity is a multifactorial disorder, too. Nothing more should be asked of us. A frame, a structure and a coherent theory are needed to explain how all of these variables coincide. So much, our new obesity model suggests that only one genuine source exists and that all the others are trumpeters.

Thus the faithful of low carbon disappoint the people of low carbon. The action of the Low Carbohydrate makes the Vegans mock. The Vegans spoil the followers of the Paleo. The adherents of the Paleo ridicule the devotees of the low fat.

In the short term, these diets work and they all contend with some part of the disorder. However, neither of them work for well and none of them treat the illness as a whole. We doomed to this perpetual loop of blaming, without this vital awareness of the multifactorial existence of obesity.

Likewise, this view of the tube fails most foodstuffs. The separate trials compared low carbon dioxide to low calorie diets both put the same question. Both diets are not limited to each other. What if they’re both true? The weight loss on both sides would be close. High carbohydrate diets lower insulin. Reduced amounts of insulin decrease obesity.

However, to a certain level, both foods increase insulin. Although the regular American diet often contains processed carbs with 50 or more individuals, low calorie diets are often fewer carbohydrates. Low calorie diets still minimize insulin levels by reducing the overall volume of food. Both of them are going to work.

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