FAQs About ISO Certification

FAQs About ISO Certification

According to the best ISO consultants in UAE, many companies don’t get an ISO certification because they don’t know anything about it. It is true that understanding all about ISO certification is never easy and the funny part is that sometimes, the authorized ISO consultants don’t know about a phrase that they are dealing it.

The devil is in the details, there are so many things about it and this mostly is beneficial for companies that deal with any niche. Even if you own a manufacturing plant or a factory of some sort then again, you will def need ISO certification by the best consultant who will do all kinds of non destructive testing on the available equipment and machinery. This is to make sure that operational staff is handling it well and the machinery and equipment is safe for them to operate it. There can be more questions on your mind after reading this and that is why we have tried to come up with answers for different and most common type of questions about ISO certification:

Q: Do the updates in latest ISO certification bring change in the old ones?

Ans: it all depends upon the credibility of your business as well and what type of business you do. There are so many companies who don’t need an ISO certificate update. The rules are set according to their current operation.

Q: How to measure leadership in ISO 9001?

Ans: there are certain things that you have to see before measuring leadership in ISO 9001:

  • Inclusiveness.
  • Visibility.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Reporting.
  • Should stick to mission.
  • Should understand policies.
  • Should implement strategies.

Q: Is there any template for ISO 9001 certification for reporting document?

Ans: the reporting document for ISO 9001 certification does not have to very complicated and you can make the simplest one if you want to.

Q: What is the difference between support-oriented process and management-oriented process in ISO?

Ans: in support-oriented process, the system has to obtain:

  • Training.
  • Competence.
  • Document control.
  • Calibration.

In management-oriented process, the system has to obtain:

  • Management review.
  • Overall framework review.

Q: What is the difference between retained and maintained information in ISO?

Ans: the retained information is documented evidence like records and reports and maintained information means elements to the system like infrastructure.

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